Face Care Treatment Tips and Ideas

If you have a very clear skin with no problems like acne or blemishes, then it may not be worth your money spend in Salon facials. I have several experiences in the past when I felt the money that I had spent on facials was wasted. I do facials when ever I feel that there is a problem with my facial skin. In the past when I had little knowledge on facials, all I would try was simple fruit or vegetable facials. The truth is that the effect of such facials lasts very short time and these facials could be done at a much lower cost at your own home. I had a spa facial last year. This facial was a seasonal offer for promoting their spa. The facial for acne did some good job for me. For the first two days after the facial, I felt that my facial skin developed dryness.

Acne problems subsided. But the marks left by acne did not disappear as expected. I was happy that no more new acne popped up on my face for another one month. The spa experts recommended for more facials over the next few months. Choosing the right facial for your skin type and your problem is required to obtain best results for your money. If you are unable to decide for yourself, it is best to seek suggestions from an expert who could examine your facial skin and suggest the best one for you. Else, facials may not be worth your money spend.