Hand Cream Best Product

One of the most asked questions in spas and stores across the world is what is the best hand cream made. And while many will throw out different brands these brands will have a few things in common. The first thing is that they will all be natural based. Most hand creams use propylene glycol or mineral oil for the feel, you will also find these in many face creams as well. The main drawback is that they are both very un-natural and chemical based but more importantly both have been proven to have a negative effect on the skin. As a matter of fact many believe that mineral not only clogs the pores but causes premature aging of the skin and can actually lead to darker skin spots and wrinkling of the skin and on the hands this is especially true. The other important thing to note is that mineral oil does not penetrate the skin but merely sits on top. Because of this it actually smoothers the skin. These manufacturers will tell you that it protects the skin but in fact about 30% of people that use mineral oil have break outs because the oil is not letting the skin breathe as it should.

So what is good for your skin? The answer is that when it actually comes to healing the skin and adding serious moisture to moisturize the skin the natural butters should be examined. For example natural shea, aloe, cocoa and hemp butters are all good and do not leave the skin oily. Another thing that many people are starting to learn about is the preservative system. Many of the preservatives used in hand creams are very harsh and some have been linked to breast tumors. These are typically referred to as parabens. The top natural based creams don't use parabens. They use phenoxyethanol, neem oil and other natural based preservatives that are typically used in the preservative system.
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